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President Obama Suggests Renaming The Home of The Washington Redskins Nelson Mandela Stadium

Nelson Mandela shown at a NASCAR race with President Bill Clinton.WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama met with two of his closest advisers and they have decided to talk to the owner of the Washington Redskins about renaming their stadium in honor of Nelson Mandela.
The president has sent Redskins owner Danny Snyder a certified letter suggesting that FedExField in Landover, Maryland be renamed in honor of the former president of South Africa.
President Obama knows that the Washington Redskins organization has a contract with FedEx but he says he will approach the great people at FedEx and he is sure that they will agree to the name change.
The president even informed Mr. Snyder that he could provide him with a nice tax break as an added incentive.
He also let him know that if he agrees to the name change that he (the president) will allow him (Snyder) to use the phrase – The Washington Redskins – President Barack Obama's Team on banners, T-shirts, posters, and footballs.
Vice-President Joe Biden is in complete agreement with President Obama and he noted that Nelson Mandela Stadium has a darn good ring to it.
SIDENOTE: Daniel Snyder had not responded to the president's certified letter as of press time.

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