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Man helps impaired co-worker in Navy Yard rampage

When the shots rang out at the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters in Washington on Monday morning, civilian employee Omar Grant let others run for the exits on the first floor of an atrium while he took his visually-impaired coworker by the arm, Yahoo! News reported.
People left behind keys, cellphones and other personal belongings, said Grant, who told USA TODAY he works in network support.
The visually impaired co-worker, Lindwood, did not want to give his last name. He was using a white walking stick.
"We heard two shots and started wondering if that was the sound of someone dropping something or if they were really shots," Grant told the news organization. "We heard three more shots and that's when people started running out of the building and getting the hell out of there."
Grant took Lindwood by the arm and the two walked together from the base to the nearby Metro station. In a photo taken by Chris Moody of Yahoo! News, two men are seen escorting Lindwood.

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