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If You Are Black, Must You Support And Agree With President Obama?

Obama BarrackToday is the 50 year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech. It was and is an amazing speech that will be talked about throughout history for the groundbreaking journey black people and many others lead to crash the doors of segregation. This is an achievement that took nothing less than blood, sweat and tears of millions of people dedicated to the cause of equality.

I don’t have to tell you there was a time when black people were persecuted like no other on this planet’s history, so when the first nationally, democratically elected Black President of the United State took office, many believe he represented the culmination of King’s Dream.
If you are black, must you support and agree with President Obama?

004Many people, even earlier in this century,  couldn’t believe there would ever be a black President, myself included. So when President Obama rose to the level of candidate for POTUS, then actually was democratically elected, the black community couldn’t believe it, had voted their hearts out and cried when the man was inaugurated into office. To add validation of his competence and the fact the country has turned a corner, POTUS Obama was re-elected again in 2012.

Great moment in American history, no doubt about it. However, I must ask the question. If you are black, must you support and agree with President Obama?

I ask the question now because it seems now that Obama is President, most political discourse in the black community has come to a grinding halt. Any black person that speaks out against or doesn’t fall in line behind President Obama is instantly labeled a hater, crab in a barrel, and outcasted from honest discussion moving forward.

If you are not 100% behind President Obama in the black community, then you are not trustworthy in the minds of many people in our community who are obviously beaming with pride over having a black commander and chief, but I wonder is this wise?

Just because someone looks like you, shares some of your background experiences, does this mean they have your best interest at heart? And since when does any politician deserve 100% support of any people?

I was raised to trust only my mother and then to cut the deck as many black people can relate to growing up. This lesson seems to be smothered under the pride and joy of having a black President of the United States or I am missing something? Maybe you can enlighten me on this issue.

Now realize, I am not trying to get weighted in details of what anyone might have against the policies of President Obama, but just want to talk about WHY is there this ALL OR NOTHING mentality in the community circulating around him? I have heard some very articulate and poignant questions regarding Obama’s policies be shot down under the claims of the author being a hater or jealous of his progress and ability to matriculate through the political system.

This can’t be healthy for the community or political discussion, but what do you think?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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