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The Syrian quagmire and American interest

AssadAs I watched President Obama and his Secretary make passionate claims why the US should strike Syria. My mind flashed back to same "unassailable" arguments made years ago by President Bush Snr and repeated by his son with added zest by the then Secretary Collin Powell.

We later got to know those claims were fabrications.

Tellingly, the more information we have, the more unthinking we are. unfortunately nothing has changed in the last 20 years. Same interests that drive insular elites to bay for blood is still at play here.

I am not in support of Assad, I don't even like his stature and hungry looks. But what gets me worried is the fact that ordinarily reasonable nations like the US, UK, forget about mercenary France, would willingly take sides with Al Qaeda and their rag-tag blood thirsty groups just to push out Assad.

My mind goes back to the Afghanistan all over when the West entered into the evil alliance with the mujahedeen just to push out Russia and an unknown rag tag group on the side of the Islamists was led by a young rich impressionable Saudi named Osama Bin Laden, that group metamorphosed into Al Qaeda today.

Why was Syria allowed to degenerate to this?

Who knows if Al Qaeda used the chemical weapons just to draw the US into the war?

Whom the bells toll

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