Justin Bieber Successfully Uses Urinal

Justin Bieber LOS ANGELES (CAP) – Teen star Justin Bieber has reportedly worked past his bladder control problems and successfully used a urinal in a public restroom, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ. Sources say it's unclear whether he washed his hands, though.
"We followed Justin around giving him water and lemonade and iced tea and stuff all day long," said editor Harvey Levin. "Then when he couldn't hold out any longer, we saw him make a beeline for the nearest restroom.
"He even rushed right past a mop bucket to get there," Levin pointed out.
Levin's crew had planted a secret camera disguised as a urinal cake to capture the special moment, but the video became unusable when a member of the singer's entourage flushed the toilet after Bieber finished going.
"Definitely didn't see that coming," Levin said. "Never had that problem when we were chasing that drunk Mel Gibson from bathroom to bathroom."
CAP News caught up with once and future Bieber flame Selena Gomez, who acknowledged the two are together again "now that he's back to peeing in a toilet." She said it's good to have "the old Justin" back who won her heart when he put the toilet seat down on their first date.
Meanwhile, Detrol LA confirms they have reached out to Justin Bieber for a series of TV commercials highlighting his newfound urinary prowess.

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