You ain’t a king!’ Rihanna jabs at ex, Chris Brown

Their on-and-off romance has reached new heights in recent days as they've taken their spat online.

And Rihanna kept the jabs coming at her ex-boyfriend as she shared a series of late night snaps on a night out with friends in New York City on Friday.

'Got a thang for a King, but chu ain't a King,' she exclaimed, captioning a lonesome photograph of herself handling a full martini glass.

The 25-year-old singer seemed to be happy as she enjoyed her casual night out, partying to the max with her closest girlfriends.

Before that she shared another late night post sitting in the back seat of a car attempting to put on a spiked black and silver crown while toking on a cigarette — with a caption that insinuated her ex was not a 'real' man.

Although the meaning wasn't clear, the late night series was preceded by a day's worth of disses at her ex.

RiRi started it off, uploading an Instagram picture on Thursday with the words:

'If I drop all my hoes for you and we still don't work out you owe me some hoes.'

Without mentioning the Forever singer, the picture insinuates that Rihanna either dropped all her friends when she was with Chris or that he was unfaithful to her.

Chris then upped the nastiness factor by tweeting on Friday: 'She's not mine if she's everybody elses.'

The clearly targeted message comes after reports that Rihanna was partying with ex JR Smith on Tuesday after her show in New York.

The former couple also sent out tweets on Wednesday that appeared to be directed at each other, with Chris tweeting:

'Sometimes loving someone is too much! So loving from a distance will help everyone grow! Be blessed. Live ya life!'

Rihanna then tweeted her own message a short while later, stating:

'Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!! Love ain't for kidz #butimsleeptho'.

But the rapper isn't blameless himself after he spent his birthday celebrations last weekend partying with ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran.

The rapper recently made some kinder comments about the break-up during an interview on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

'I'm always going to love that person … [but] I can’t be focused on wife-ing someone that young — I need to step forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be,' he said.

SOURCE: dailymail

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