NIGERIA: Ayangba Boys of Ajegunle set to roll again

Ayangba BoysThey were once known as Black Reverendz and now, Disrespectful 2GGs, the duo of Subb 2 and Wesley  came into  limelight with their hit track “Ayangba Girls are Dangerous”, which took the Nigerian music industry by storm in 2000. The duo emerged from the popular hood better known all over Africa as Ajengule (AJ City) in Lagos.

The choreographic dance steps originated by the group became a national dance steps which even kids took to with verve and certain hype about it. The ‘Ayangba’ dance as it was known gave Ajegunle  an identity which became the envy of other environs nationwide.

Now they are back again  and ready to roll. They broke up in 2007, and went there separate ways for onward hustle. Subb 2, went into acting and was in the popular movie “Silver Spoon” which was produced in 2001. The movie was a story about how some ghetto guys (Subb 2 & co) went ahead to influence a rich kid (Ernest Asuzu) with their ghetto ways, while Wesley, went into charity works and was managing his recording studio too.

The two acts are back and are ready to storm  the Nigeria  music industry again. According to them, this time around they are ready to take the front row and bring back the lost glory not only with new dance steps but also, with inciting and interesting music.

The same three dancers that danced for  them back in the days, are even back with the Ayangba Boys too. These dudes are so on point.

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