Facebook and twitter account, Is someone impersonating your online identity?

Goldie HarveyYou’ve most likely heard that since pop singer Goldie Harvey passed away, someone has been using her twitter handle. Everyone seemed comfortable when her ‘admin’ tweeted posts about Goldie’s burial arrangements. But when the tides turned barely three weeks after her death and someone with access to her account saw it as a good platform to advertise Nigerian films and movie, it freaked people out. So everyone knows Goldie is dead, and the massive outcry is against the insensitivity of it all. But, what about you?

Is someone impersonating your online identity and sending messages to your friends and loved ones? Popular Comedian, Gordons, told our correspondents that there were twitter handles in his name that he knew nothing about. Being susceptible to this kind of online tricks could be embarrassing to you and fraudulent to your online audience. So how do you protect your online personality? Follow these simple tips:

·    Ignore the ‘remember password’ dialog box: Whether you are going on facebook, twitter or signing into your email account, don’t ask the computer to remember your password. It just might remind someone else that has no business knowing it in the first place.
·    Sign out on a shared computer: A shared computer here refers to any device that is open for use to more than one person. As soon as your business is done, the sign out button on your right hand column could very well save you your reputation.

·    The trick question mentality: When picking a question that would help you remember your password, don’t be too obvious about it. Pick a question that very few people have the answer to. That way, if someone breaks into your account, you know who to point fingers at.

·    When choosing a password: “Password, I love you, and 123456’ are the easiest passwords to remember. They are also the most popular and hence the favourite of account hackers! Be creative. PS: Don’t even think of using your spouse’s pet name, prove your love some other way. Use a password that can’t easily be guessed, but that you can remember readily.

·    Let your friends know: In case you’re unlucky enough to have your account hacked, let your friends and loved ones know just in time. If you don’t and they love you enough to respond to an email that says you are broke and stranded in a foreign land, you will pay back in full.

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