NIGERIA: Is Nomoloss in love?

NomolossIt’s no longer news that Nomoloss who started off as an artiste with his first single, Iyawo Olele, suddenly got tired of jumping on stage, and later delved into artiste management and music production.

What is news today is that the artiste is now in love. But with who? You may want to ask.

Just last week during Edi Lawani’s celebration night at Tuface’s club Rumors, Nomoloss was spotted with a certain chic. And don’t ask me what both were up to. But I’ll give you some tip.

As music blast into the air, sending guests and fun lovers rolling and twisting, the Iyawo Olele crooner and this girl who we gathered is probably a pre-senter (she was sighted earlier on the red carpet, chatting up celebrities), weren’t left out in the fun.

Both were spotted in a mushy-mushy mood, practically all over each other as they danced, with the girl rocking his balls with her backside.

Later on, they suddenly disappeared from everyone’s presence, only to be spotted outside the club having a private discus-sion,away from the noise and prying eyes like mine!

Is she for real or a run of the mill? Let’s wait and see.

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