Tonto Dike faces sanctions in Ghollywood

Tonto-Dike-smokingFor daring star-actor Van Vicker, the Ghanaian movie directors are threatening to sanction actress Tonto Dike should she eventually fail to apologise to the former as soon as possible.

The movie directors are compelling the actress to apologise to Vicker or she should forget about participating in any movie production in Ghana.

According to a Ghana-based celebrity blog, Van Vicker is a highly respected star in Ghana and they would not tolerate such insolence from any artiste either from home or abroad.

“Can she insult RMD like that?” one Ghanaian movie director asked angrily.

They are poised to sanction any movie director that features Tonto in his or her movie, and plan to formally write Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to express their displeasure.

Tonto and Vicker recently had a misunderstanding, while on a movie set in Ghana. Trouble started when the duo were rehearsing their lines separately, contrary to the normal coming together for rehearsal before shoot.

The movie director was said to have stepped in to bridge the gap between the duo, but his presence, according to our source stirred up Tonto’s anger as she allegedly started throwing tantrum.

Tonto Dike is yet to react to the allegation, but unconfirmed source said the controversial actress may not accede to the request.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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