Nigerian designs can compete internationally :Remi Manoela Carolino Adamu

Adamufashion1She’s half Brazilian half Nigerian but her craft may suggest she is from Italy, or from any of the fashion power houses. Her first trial was on her own clothes, and before she turned Twenty, she had started getting high end clients. Her current one being the new Super eagles coach, Samson Siasia. The aver smiling and ever busy Remi Adamu spoke with Hazeez Balogun recently.

Your name is not a popular one but those who matter seem to know you.

(laughs) Well, if you say so. But I think I prefer my outfit to keep a high profile while my personal life stays low on profile. My name is Remi Manoela Carolino Adamu. Quite a mouthful don’t you think?

What part of the country are you from?

My dad is from Ondo, my mum is a Brazilian

Can you give us a run down on your childhood?

I was born in Brazil, I have two gorgeous Brothers, I am in between both boys, my dad is late and my mum is my hero. I have lived in Brazil, Nigeria and the US. Growing up and schooling was not really tough. I was just an ordinary kid, though many thought I was special. I think I did everything every little kid did. There was not much to it.

When did you start designing clothes?

I started designing clothes fresh out of high school and waiting at home to turn 17 so I could be old enough to attend college. It was something I did for fun at first because I like to draw. But after a while I saw people were really interested in my works, so I simple stepped up my game. I switched it from vocation to profession.

What inspired you to start in the first place?

The drive to be different. Everyone wanted to finish school and then get a job, but I wanted to finish and start doing what I love doing. I enjoy designing clothes, so I get inspired easily.

How do you get your designs?

Anywhere and anyhow. I can see an outfit and think of a way to make it have more spunk, but usually I like to be original so I sit down and build up designs. I also give room for my clients who already have an idea of what they want to express themselves, so we seat down together and build designs. I’m not restricted to a particular way of generating ideas

There are lots of designers out there what makes your outfit different?

My clothes are pretty easy to identify, they also stand out effortlessly because I use buttons to adorn my clothes. I also put into consideration my clients taste. Not everyone wants to be flamboyant. So I try to be open minded and ready to do satisfy various needs.

The name buttons, where did you get it from?

It dropped from Heaven (laughs)

How has the business been, will you say it is profitable?

Every business has its highs and lows, and every business has potential to generate profit. So yes, business has been showing stable growth so far and I’m excited about it.

Many prefer to buy ready made clothes, what advantage does tailor made has over read made?

Ready made clothes have advantages oh. They are easy to find, especially when you are short of time. Custom made clothes cannot be rushed, that may be a disadvantage, but the advantage is you can be sure of one thing, you will be different, you don’t have to bother that you might bump into someone at a party with the same outfit as you. Some people have longer arms, shorter arms, big necks and they never find clothes that fit them well, in cases like this, custom made clothes come very handy.

Many believe that designer clothes are overrated and too expensive, what would you say?

Well, I believe every designer reserves the right to put any price tag on their clothing, its left for the designers targets to find the purchase worth the money.

Nigeria has so many designers, yet we shop for designer clothes abroad, what do you think is the reason for this trend?

Well Nigerians like to show off, so you can’t blame them. However Nigerians have started wearing Nigerian designs more these days, I guess this is because, they are tired of bumping to each other in the same stores…after spending so much to travel.

Do you think there will come a time, Nigerian designs will be exported?

Come a time? The time has come. haven’t you been seeing our designs in fashion week? New work, Paris, London. We don go.

Let us a bit into your personal life, how old are you?

Adamu-fashion2I was born March 19, emm lets leave it at that for now.

How do you hang out?

I love watching movies and love to eat Chinese. All I need to do is find time.

Where is your business based?

Abuja alone for now, but I will open a branch in Lagos next year

Like how much does it take to set up a fashion outfit?

Depends on what scale we are talking about, you can start by getting a sewing machine and sewing materials and sewing yourself from home, if you do not have the skill, you can hire a tailor and pay based on commission. Register a business name and you are good to go. It’s not even up to N100,000. Thats free My consultancy (laughs)

What steps will you advise a starter to take?

Learn how to sew, work closely with someone who is already in the business, study and research the industry and have a solid plan before plunging in.

What can the government do to encourage and develop the fashion an clothing industry?

The best thing the government can do for mankind is to provide light and Education. We need excellent fashion schools in Nigeria, even if it’s a partnership with other existing schools outside the country.

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