120 contestants Compete In Miss World 2010

120-contestants-Compete-In-Miss-World-2010ELECTION Miss World 2010 held in Sanya, China is in sight. That’s when 120 contestants compete to be the best prepared and steal the seven jury that in fact the former of Miss World.

They are Denise Perrier Lanfranchi, Ann Sidney, Mary Stavin, Agbani Darego, Maria Julia Mantilla, Xi Zhang Lin, and Ksenia Sukhinova. They are now already in Sanya, China to witness an important event the selection of Miss World 2010. Similarly, the Legal quote from the official website of Miss World on Saturday (30/10/2010).

As is known, Denise Perrier Lanfranchi known as Miss World 1953. This beautiful women enjoy global fame as a model and successfully open a school for models. He worked in television and film before taking French citizenship status.

Meanwhile, Sidney Ann was known as Miss World 1964 and Mary Stavin as Miss World 1977. Mary is a Swedish actress and model who twice played in the James Bond film, “Octopussy” and “A View to a Kill”. He now lives in Los Angeles, United States.

The jury subsequently, Agbani Darego who is Miss World 2001. Beautiful women from Nigeria is making history as the first black African to win the crown of Miss World. He’s grown into a multitask woman and impressive. His career has been developed as a top international model and now lives in New York.

The jury which will choose one contestant in the evening peak of Miss World Maria Julia Mantilla is, Miss World 2004. Peruvian bright star is a successful model in the United States, Britain, and Europe. While winning the crown of Miss World 2007, Zhang Xi Lin is no less intense with the Miss World ever. He earned his degree in business administration and success as a fashion model for luxury clothing, jewelry and brand watches that adorn the catwalks of Paris and Berlin.

Last Juror, Ksenia Sukhinova known as Miss World 2008. Russian women have a qualified beauty and intelligence. He is now developing her career as a successful model

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