We’ve lot of Nigerians craving for rock music – Pammy jo

Pammy JoWhen you hear ‘pop ock and heavy metal rock’ you mentally start thinking of the likes of Bon Jon Jovi, Alanis Morisset, Annie Lennox, Avril Lavigne and even Miley Cyrus without your mind having a picture of a Nigerian in the long list. 
But the truth, according to Pammy Jo, a Nigerian rock star, who left the stage, a couple of years back and making a return, rock musicians  abound in Nigeria and they are ready to come out of their quiet enclave to claim the stage!
Pammy Jo started her career back in 2005 as a rock singer, producer, editor and TV host. She staged the first ever rock concert in 2009, and claimed to have discovered so many talents. She’s back with two singles, of the Afro-hiphop genre, saying , she only wanted to try something new, insisting her passion is rock. Hear her out:
Can you highlight your career till date?
Pammy Jo started her career in 2005 professionally, and released an Afro-techno song with rock flare called ‘Lale lale’.
The  video had a massive airplay on TV stations in Nigeria, with the special attention from Channel 0 and abroad. In 2007, she produced and directed the first ever Nigerian rock TV program which aired on the 7th July on Lagos Weekend Television, TVC and cable networks.
The show had good reviews and was one of the best. On the show rock music videos were aired with exclusive interviews with rock singers, Actors, TV personnels, and major players in the entertainment industry, sprinkled with spotlight on some foreign artistes as well.
In 2009, she decided to take a bolder step to organise the first-ever Nigerian all-rock concert tagged ‘Eat Rock Shit Rock’ at the Event Centre and The vault, in  Victoria Island, Lagos.
The first Nigerian all-rock  â€˜Gothrock’ magazine was also launched. The concerts was feathering Nigerian rock bands and rock artistes, and some underground rock bands from outside Nigeria also.
Are there really good rock singers in Nigeria
I’m a rock singer. I was an active member of former D’Guzel band. We have rock singers in Nigeria, that are yet to be discovered. My show and the rock concerts discovered lots and lots of rock artistes.
Now that you are back, what are you bringing anew?
In 2012, Pammy Jo decided to release a song and a video from her rock album called ‘Loose yourself’. In 2013, she decided to do some Afro pop with some highlife flare and worked with some top Nigerian producers. The songs ‘Awigiri’ and ‘Ayakoromo’ were released on   March 1,2014
So, you have dumped rock music?
I haven’t left rock music because I still have a full 30-song album, but I just want to try something different with music, what I haven’t done before and its so exciting! I still play my guitars and do all my rock stuffs.
Okay, maybe you decided to do Afro-pop because rock isn’t popular and wouldn’t bring market success?
Rock music is so popular in this country. I know through my show and emails I get from people thanking me about the show. We’ve a lot of people craving to hear rock music live, but right now, we don’t  have that .
Like I said, I want to try something different. You can always merge any kind of music with rock music, if the producer really knows what to do. You can always merge rock music and rap music, rock music and techno, rock and any other kind of music depending on the artiste, band or the producer.
Every day in the music world or in the industry, you learn something different.  I’m learning something different now aside from rock music. Which is fantastic!
What actually inspired you to go into rock because that isn’t something overtly popular here?
I grew up with the country, and rock music in my home. I was inspired by listening to rock music growing up at home and on the radio stations coming back from school.
Are your videos as raunchy as most in the market now?
Hmm, no offence to anyone. But my videos are done in poise, sexy and telling a story at the same time. I always like to do something different.  â€˜Loose Yourself’ video made a lot of people thought I’m not a Nigerian. Interpretation of the video is deep!
Most female artistes use their sexuality to sell their music(videos), how far can you go in using your sexuality to sell your music?
It depends on how I want to use it but I’m not looking on only sexuality to sell my music or video.  Aside from that, when you make good music and how you take the good music to people; to understand the message shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

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