TRICIA ESEIGBE: A Crusader Against Child Abuse

Tell us about your new project called The Psychologist?
The Psychologist is a public awareness programme on child sexual abuse. We intend to expose sexual predators and create a support platform for victims of child molestation and get the authorities to do more to support our children. The Psychologist is scheduled to go on air very soon. It is designed as a 30 minutes television talk show, set out to address child sexual molestation in our society. Our stories are real life heart-breaking stories of people that have experienced child sexual molestation while growing up. We have a team of researchers that source for true life stories. The programme is reconstructed by actors who play out the true life stories.
What is the motive behind this project?
I want to be a voice for our vulnerable children; I also discovered that most parents are not too knowledgeable on ways of protecting their children from sexual abuse. We employ actors to narrate the stories in our studio and reconstruct the events that took place via dramatisation in various locations as explained by our victims.
Beside the television programme, we intend to spread our child sexual abuse awareness campaign by visiting schools within Nigeria and across Africa. We shall be holding town-hall meetings with the local communities, educating them and giving vital information on ways of protecting our young vulnerable children from pedophiles.
Our team of foreign partners will be coming to aide our awareness campaign. We intend to produce books for individuals, families and communities on how to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed and to get help for everyone involved. We intend to produce a DVD version of the programme to freely distribute to public and private schools’ libraries.
Is ‘Boldfaces’ still on air?
it is still on air and getting better over the years. We’ve introduced new segments like Sport and Entertainment Diagnostic. We currently broadcast within the Nigeria local stations, Africa Magic and Ben Tv. This year, Boldfaces was rated one of the most watched programmes on Africa Magic. It is a very nice feeling, considering the stable and credibility of the Mnet Africa report. It is more motivating as well, seeing the programme has a huge followership. It’s very pleasing to know people enjoy what we are doing here on Boldfaces. Also, I am very grateful to God for taking Boldfaces higher.
What is the difference between Boldfaces and Boldfaces foundation?
Boldfaces is the television inspirational programme that features interviews with notable personalities in the corporate, entertainment and sporting world. People who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavours and contributed to society/ community  development. Boldfaces International is a foundation set up in 2008 to enlighten our community about pedophiles; to prevent the sexual abuse of children and to encourage victims of child sexual abuse. Boldfaces Foundation produces the television talk-show “The Psychologist.”
Is your acting career on hold? Have you finally left Nollywood?
My Acting career is not on hold and I am still in Nollywood. I have less time to shoot movies considering my other programmes. It is all about timing. I love acting and enjoy every minute of it. Within the last few years, I have shot my personal movie and a tele-movie called Pradah. I have done few movies for close family and friends. I really don’t put myself out to get movie role and engage in acting so much because of my businesses. My husband has promised me more movies in 2014. So, watch out for me and more films. For those wondering if I am still interested in acting or tired of acting, my answer is that I am much into my acting and in future, I will be doing more movies.
Who has inspired your career as an actress dead or alive?
Late JT Tom West inspired me when I started my career.
Which movie has been your most memorable?
Asimo and The Visitor. They are both Ghanaian films. It was an amazing experience shooting in Ghana for the first time and the reception I got from them was great.
Who are you closest to?
I am very close to my husband. He is more like a dad, brother, friend, colleague and husband. He covers all for me.
Which celebrity dead or alive would you like to work with?
I am still thinking but no name is coming into my brain, because I have worked with most of the celebrities around. I started long ago. Let’s say Cha Cha Eke. I like her craft.
Who in the world would you like to dine and wine with?
Becky Anderson, the CNN host of Connect the World. We can talk about The Psychologist and ways to protect our children from child sexual abuse.
What is your earliest memory as a young of lady about what you wanted to become?
My growing up days was cool. I lived with my uncle who is a medical doctor, a disciplinarian and a devoted man of God. I was not exposed to parties and stuff like that because of my strict Christian upbringing. Looking back, I am grateful because it has helped to shape my life. Everything I am today has been my dream and I am very grateful to God.
What is your biggest fear especially concerning your show?
Fear? I don’t have any fear concerning my show or businesses because I stand with the authority of faith and God words says let not your heart be troubled by anything. I am more concerned about my spiritual life and eternity – working in righteousness.
What are you best at?
Motivating and inspiring people in any way I can. I love doing that.
What outfit can you not be caught dead in?
I am quite flexible with my fashion sense. I can hardly think of anything right now. As long as it’s not too revealing, I am cool with it.
If a fashion police is to search your wardrobe, would you be arrested for any fashion blunders?
We’re going to wait and see about that. The result will only be known after they finish their investigation. On a serious note, I do take my time to consider my dress sense. One of my programmes, Celebrity Eye, deals with celebrity dress sense. You can criticise others without learning from their errors.
Who is Tricia Eseigbe?
I am now Mrs Tricia Kerry, the CEO/Executive Producer of Treesh Affairs International Ventures (producers of Boldfaces and Celebrity Eye). Tricia Eseigbe is also an actress who has contributed her own quota to the development of Nollywood till date.
Tricia Eseigbe also created a platform to celebrate one of Africa finest footballer, “The Exit of Jay Jay Okocha from The International Soccer Scene” with a legendary award for excellence on the 24th June 2008.
How old are you?
I am 39 years young. I believe I am getting younger by his grace.
Tell us about your background?
Tricia Eseigbe hails from Ekpoma in Edo State. She holds a diploma in social works; a degree in sociology and anthropology from the University of Benin. She also did a presentation course at the London Television Training Academy in 2005. I was the first Nigerian actress to be invited and honoured in Ghana to star in two hit movies “Asimo” and “The visitor” which fetched her laurels and made incredible waves across the globe. I love to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged; she is an extrovert, hardworking, easy going, and sincere and above all, God fearing,
If you are to go on an island for an exotic weekend, what are the 5 things you will take along?
My Bible and books that I use to read during my covenant time sessions.
How did meet your husband?
We met on a movie set in 1999. He was the director and we developed friendship over the years into marriage.
What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?
Caring for others at all times.
Tell us something that will shock us?
I am a deeply spiritual person. I engage in daily covenant with God, spending at least an hour daily alone with God every morning before I start my day. When you spend time with the Holy Spirit, he will become your GPS, directing you to the right places and right people, and guiding your every move. Most people don’t know this part of my life. They see and judge me from the job I do which is entertainment.
What is your biggest regret; something you wish you can change but didn’t do?
Can’t think of anything right now. Just as I said earlier, I turn negative into positive energy and I am always grateful to God for everything – the good and not too good times.
What is your present blackberry ringtone?
I don’t own a blackberry phone unfortunately but my ringtone is a gospel music- Above all Powers.
If you were Mr. President, what will be the first law you will implement?
Child sexual Act 2014, to protect our young vulnerable children from sexual predators called pedophiles; long term jail sentences.
Who is your favorite actor in the world?
l like Julie Roberts.
What’s the one thing you would change about yourself or your life?
Nothing to change. I am completely grateful to God for everything.

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