NOLLYWOOD: Biola Ige heartbroken after mum’s death

Biola IgeMulti-talented Nollywood beauty, Biola Ige, hasn’t been a happy person since losing her mother to the cold hands of death about a month ago. The Osun State-born actress is still mourning and it doesn’t look like anything, work or not, will interest her for sometime.
Even though her mother had been ill and  in and out of hospital for the past two years, her death, according to Biola, is still a shock and a loss too difficult for the entire family to bear. But the death seemed a more trying experience for Biola who is the last child of five children by her mother. Her four sibling, two men and two women are married and living with their separate families but Biola being the only unmarried one depends entirely on the care of her deceased mother.
“ I was away in Ghana, shooting, when my sister called me to tell me our mother could not walk any more as a result of swollen legs arising from complications from diabetes and hypertension. Then, she later had stroke and when we thought she would pull through I got a call again that she had passed away” she said.
For Biola, it was as if the world had come to an end. She said, she could not make sense of what she was told. Immediately, she had to drop what she was doing and travelled back home.
“Recounting how she died, my elder sister told me she called her on phone and started mentioning each one of us by name and prayed for us. Then she asked her to take care of all of us”
How she will miss her mum
I am going to miss her support, her prayer and  her presence. My mum had always been there for me . Right from my childhood we had been very close. Even during the time I was very sick, she was up and doing, trying to see how she could help. Knowing that she was there and alive, with me in prayers was a source of strength for me. Now that she’s no more I feel like a fish out of water. The thought that she is gone hasn’t really sunk in well because I can’t just believe she is gone.
It is just unacceptable to go on without her. Because she was the closest person to me. Every now and then, even when we were not together, we talked on phone almost everyday. I could not do two days without talking to her.
Like yesterday, I was just going through my phone and I saw the last recharge card I sent to her. Immediately, my mood changed and my day was spoiled completely. Right now, I don’t even know who to call, who to talk to. I am not even close to my siblings the way I was close to her. Now I know I have to adjust to life without her. I will really miss her.
Memorable moment share with her
A month before she died I went home and I was with her. Then she was telling me she wanted to start another business and we discussed the type of business she wanted to do at length. Then she was teasing me that I should settle down and bring a boy home to her.  Then I was telling her that all these Lagos boys if they are not bisexual they are gigolos.
She was like; oh my God, please take your time and I said now you understand what we are facing in Lagos. That was one of the last beautiful moments I shared with her. It was not the discussion that mattered but the closeness that we shared. With her, I could discuss any topic under the sun and at the end of the day, all she would do was advise me the way to go
The two weeks she never spent with me
And the most painful thing is that when I travelled I had promised her when I come back she would come and spend two weeks with me. Though she doesn’t like Lagos but she enjoyed being with me. Even though I was busy I was always thinking of the two weeks we would share together but I never knew I would never come back to see her alive again.

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