NOLLYWOOD: Chidi Mokeme Arrested By Police

Chidi Mokeme was truly arrested by the police? Is it what you think? That talented movie star and reality TV show anchorman, Chidi Mokeme was truly arrested by the police? Yes, he was nabbed by the police, but not by the Nigerian Police but by's police.
His offence? For the kind of outfit he wore to an event held recently in Lagos. Or how can one explain a well exposed and connected guy like Chidi attending an event that had the likes of Stan Leo of Zinox Computers in attendance and he would commit such a fashion offence?
Chidi wore a blue jacket and pant to the event, which was held at the popular Niteshift Colesium. The cloth was looking good on him, but the actor spoilt it with orange stockings. The stockings so made the outfit horrible that some people felt disappointed that someone like Chidi could dress like that. 
But, what was he thinking? Even if his wife was not around to access him and pass him fit to step outside like that, didn't he check to see if he was looking good before stepping out for the event? 
One advice, Chidi, next time you do such a thing your case would be transferred to the police force, who would take you to the court for prosecution. Even Senator Florence Ita-Giwa would be disappointed in Chidi by the time she is reading this. Bros, u no try at all. Gbam.

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