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NIGERIA: Why I joined Labour Party – Ubah

Aspirant for the November 15, 2013 governorship election in Anambra state, Mr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has explained that he joined the Labor Party (LP) as the platform on which to achieve his ambition of serving the state as governor after a careful study of the manifestos of all the parties.

Ubah spoke at the Beverly Hill Hotel, Nnewi when over 12,000 members of “ifeanyi Ubah club ward Ambassadors” drawn from the state’s 326 wards and about 10 other organisations sought for explanation on his choice of LP and the way forward in revving up campaigns for the October 5 council.

While explaining that the gathering was not a campaign rally for his governorship ambition, Ubah said he came to the conclusion that the only party that has human beings as their symbols was the labour party while others were represented by inanimate objects.

“This aptly explains my choice of Labor Party, the only party in Nigeria with human face and the family as its symbol, and the people as its focus and heritage from the Igbo legacy of the Nnamdi Azikiwe era that marked the golden era of the Igbo unity and political solidarity”, he said.

He told the audience that Nigeria’s political parties were no longer people oriented or issue driven and that Labour Congress as a political party was inspired by the urgent need to change the shape, context and character of partisan politics in the country from its current stage to one based on contemporary, sustainable ideology.

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