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NIGERIA: ERG Not a Militant Group, Says Spokesman

A group, the Egbema Radical Group (ERG) in Delta State, Saturday denied the assertion that it is a militant group which carried out the attacks that led to the death of 12 persons in Warri North  Local Government Area last week.

The spokesman of the group, Mr. Ami Dada,  in a statement , said: “We the Egbema Radical Group represents Egbema Ijaws in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State who had been marginalised and oppressed by Itsekiris for over 21 years.”

According to him, Egbema Radical Group is only agitating for equal opportunities in the political position of the state by writing peaceful letters and publication to all relevant authorities in the country to attract the attention of the federal government and the general public.

Speaking on how the battle started, Dada alleged that an Ijaw person was arrested in Asoro Park in Benin by the Joint Task Force (JTF), led by Molobi and was beaten to death.

According to him,” Again, on Tuesday morning , at about 4am, one Mr. Gentle led four Itsekiri gun-boats from Egele community to attack Ijaw villages and the Ijaws fought back.

“Instead of the state government to address the political injustice, they are using our brothers who they paid heavily led by Apostle Sunny Jero to label and blackmail us with false and misleading information to JTF in Koko,” Dada alleged.

“Right as I speak, massive arrests are going on. Recently, the paid informant connived with JTF to arrest many of our brothers. These people were arrested by the military operatives in Koko and were detained for 24 days before they were handed over to the SSS for investigation and later they found out that the arrest was illegal,” he said in the statement .

The group however, appealed to the federal government to intervene in the crisis, saying  “We appeal to the federal government to save us,” adding “ This is happening because the governor is from the area.”

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