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NIGERIA: ‘Good Governance‘ll Promote National Democracy’

Assistant Director, Academic and Physical Planning of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun in Delta State, Mr. Charles Ikedikwa Soeze,  has stated that it is peaceful co-existence and good governance that can promote national development and suitable democracy in Nigeria.

Soeze who stated this during the 4th edition of the Global Lifetime Achievements International Gold Award organised by the Nigerian Topleaders International Magazine in Lagos, said it is crystal and abundantly clear and a truism that responsible leadership is the mother of good governance.

According to him, “No doubt, most countries in Africa are characterised with widespread of bad governance which is an antithesis of good governance.  In actual fact, the practices of bad governance are the root causes of poverty, youth restiveness and aggressiveness in various African countries and organisations.

“Good governance lies in heavily effective and responsible leadership in the administration and management of the affairs of any country.”

Whatever the case may be, Soeze  noted that the concept of good governance requires political rebirth in many African countries, thereby creating a palatable political climate where corruption is reasonably caged from the top to the bottom basically by exemplary leadership in ensuring transparency and accountability with the ultimate exercise of power and authority for the common good.

He asked “What is wrong with Nigeria and what has denied us good governance all these while? If we must achieve good governance, we must collectively fight and shun corruption,” Soeze said.

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