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NIGERIA: FG Launches Voice Directory Services Ahead of 2015

A nationwide multi-purpose Interactive Voice Directory Services has been launched, ahead of the 2015 deadline in achieving the millennium development goals (MDG’s).

An innovative 24 hour directory named 7411 national directory services was made live through the Federal Government agency in charge- the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
The portal will also serve as multi-lingual services of highly receptive voice responses offered in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, French, Spanish and German over the phone.
The services are aimed at helping Nigerians at home and abroad make instant decisions and have access to much needed life saving tips.

NCC, last week made provision for the entire country to have the use for the said facilities of world class delivery over the phone in order to aid business development.

The platform will help crime reporting, data documentation, Standards Organisation of Nigeria approved products, NAFDAC approved drugs, and instant governmental decisions.

With it, the Police, Military and Emergency responses will now have up to date information to share and tap from to reduce crime and aid human capita development in Nigeria.

Several businesses, schools, governmental bodies, ministries, banks, security agencies and the entire country will be opened to seek daily tele-guidance and co-ordinated information from the 7411 information bureau. To have easy access to information and lifesaving tips, Nigerians are expected to dial 7411 on any phone in Nigeria and +2347411 from outside Nigeria.

Speaking through the agency in charge of licensing, Dr. B.M Sani of NCC said the need for government agencies and health establishments to find and be found in Nigeria cannot be overlooked or push to the back in the development process of any serious country wishing to make proper development. “Gone are the days when life changing information and tips are prized above money, we must not forget the role of information accessibilities in human per capita development.

We at NCC are committed to building information rich Nigeria, Sani said.

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