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NIGERIA: I Am In Port Harcourt For Family Issues Not Amaechi – First Lady

Nigeria First lady, Mrs Patience JonathanContrary to speculation about the first lady, Mrs Patience Jonathan is in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital to help to get support for the impeachment of Governor Amaechi as insinuated by the Press, has being refuted as her schedule in Port Harcourt is now available to the public.

The first lady explained that "she is from River state and like any other Nigerian is at liberty to go home when she feel the need to do so".

She said she is not in the state to work against the governor’s interest and “the entire country is her constituency as mother of the Nation, a situation that comes with the liberty to visit any part thereof at will.”
Her aides quotes the first lady as saying that "she is not a Politician and don't even know the details of the Amaechi's issue with his party; to talk of meddling into it".

The first lady explained that she is in Port Harcourt for the wedding of her junior brother.
She was also Invited as the Special Guest of Honour at the official commissioning of the Yitzhak Rabin International School, Port-Harcourt, where she received an award.
Mrs patience Jonathan lost her grandfather and is still mourning and in her village and getting for the burial.

Then one doubts where all these insinuations of the first Lady going to Port Harcourt to impeach Governor Amaechi comes from.

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