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Nigeria: What about “weak and clueless” President”?

President Jonathan should be blamed for the insecurity in the north after all he is the commander in chief and nobody stopped him from using our military resources to fight Boko Haram. He should spare us of excuses and do his job or resign. Did they force him to be President. He is simply weak and clueless"

Are you familiar with that line of argument on facebook and the media in the not so distant past?
The argument has changed now.

"The President has declared war on northern Nigeria"-Prof Ango Abdullahi of NEF.

"There is no evidence that the youth are revolting against the Nigerian state. The youth rather have been misused." – Balarabe Musa.

"The insecurity in the northern states does not validate a state of emergency declaration." – Balarabe Musa

“We hereby reject the declaration of emergency rule in the three states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, and we call on the National Assembly to also reject it and not allow itself to be used to rubber-stamp a declaration that is largely cosmetic,” – ACN.

Please can someone tell me what these guys really want? Or are they just ozu nwa bekee (white man's corpse) that if you carry up it will shout no no no, if you bring down, no no no?

I have a simple answer for Ango Abdullahi and co.

If you call the current war on terror a "war on northern Nigeria" then we should interpret it to mean there is no difference between northern Nigeria and Boko Haram. Strange enough, Shagari declared all out war against Maitatsine and it wasn't war against northern Nigeria. Buhari pushed back Chadian rebels and it wasn't war against northern Nigeria. Yaradua fought Boko Haram in Maiduguri and it wasn't war against northern Nigeria. If this is war against northern Nigeria then northern Nigeria mean same thing with Boko Haram.

I am gratified by the fact that many northerners I know on facebook see things differently and are supporting the President and our security forces. Those guys to me represent the real North and I can't wait for a handshake with them. We will hopefully build a better country together without our divisive elders who mask personal interests as ethnic interests.

As for the leadership of ACN, all I can say is that they are acting true to type. Anyone who is versed in Nigerian affairs will tell you that those guys are good at "knocking heads together". I will find time to do a note and chronicle their past activities and show that even the betrayal of Buhari in 2011 fits a pattern. Suffice it to simply advice Buharists to be prepared for another betrayal on or before 2015. ACN politics is simply captured as "oppose all opposeables, good or bad". They thrive on maximum anarchy and controversy. As soon as two sides start fighting they will calmly undergo metamorphosis and become peace makers and preachers, while waiting to feast on the carcass of the combatants. Political vultures. They have a strong media force that ensures they accomplish their nefarious objectives.

Sad enough, Buhari and his supporters do not know ACN, and refused to ask Sanusi Lamido Sanusi what he knows. Out of ignorance, Buhari has signed the death warrant of his beloved CPC by merging with ACN. Going into 2015, the only credible opposition to PDP will come from PDP members because APC would have destroyed itself and the individual merging parties. Quote me on that.

For those harboring fears on break up of Nigeria, be assured that nothing of that sort will happen as long as we ignore America's ambivalent dealings with us. In one breathe the Obama regime expects our government and other governments to fight terror. In another breathe they are condemning Nigerian military actions against terrorists. No wonder it was so difficult for America to even designate Boko Haram a terrorist group but cynically designated 3 members of the group as terrorists. Yeye X 10. Is it not the same America that "shocked and awed" Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in the name of fighting terror? What exactly is their objective in Nigeria? Could it be related to their doomsday prediction that Nigeria will unravel in 2015?

I wonder if the current American leaders are aware of the consequences of Nigeria unraveling in a disorderly manner. Have they made arrangements for at least 20m refugees in Niger and Chad, 30m in Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana and 40m refugees in Cameroun, UK and Europe? If they are tired of having a united Nigeria as ally why not superintend an orderly and peaceful dissolution?

The President of Nigeria and the military hierarchy must do the necessary to save and protect innocent people in the war theatre. Only terrorists and their supporters should be in the line of fire. It is the hallmark of a good modern military machine to engage adversaries at zero cost to innocent lives. The government should also mobilize the red cross and NEMA to help send food, drugs and other relief materials to innocent non-combatants within the war zone. Those who wish to leave should be offered safe passage out of those places and the protection of women and children MUST be a key task of the engagement.

War is not good. It involves loss of life, including innocent men and women.

The people who brought this war on us are those politicians, elders and facebook tigers who refused, neglected and failed to condemn the terrorists from the very first day they bombed Abuja Police Headquarters and UN building. At that time they thought they were playing politics of making the "country ungovernable". They allowed political considerations to blind them to the evils of terrorism. Like every evil, terror festered up to the point where youths came out in Kano to celebrate the mass killing of policemen by Boko Haram. Rather than condemn the evil, they blamed the "weak and clueless" president.

Haven't chicks come home to roost?

Now the President is strong and clued in. Nobody should complain because even as early as last year I warned that, from my personal observations, Jonathan is the strongest-willed President ever in Nigeria. The difference is that he takes measured steps and only responds when you think he is weakened or weakest. Otherwise, nothing really perturbs him. He appears to be the typical "made for leadership in Nigeria" character who can maneuver through the noise and do what must be done when it must be done.

Let us go to our churches this sunday and pray for our President and Security men. The Almighty God should guide and protect them as they make sacrifices to keep us safe.

Let this war on terror be carried to a good and logical conclusion without retreat or surrender. We asked for a clued and strong leader and God has "transformed" our President to fit the bill. He should get our unqualified support now.


Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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