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NIGERIA: Atiku Calls for Urgent Steps to Tackle Insecurity

Former Vice President Atiku AbubakarFormer Vice President Atiku Abubakar has described the insecurity in the country as the worst the nation has ever witnessed and called on governments at all levels to take urgent steps to tackle the situation.

Atiku who spoke in an interview with the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), monitored in Kaduna saturday  said he had never in his lifetime witnessed anything near the current state of insecurity in the country.

"To be truthful, I have never in my lifetime witnessed such a deteriorating state of security in Nigeria like what is happening now. The situation is even worst than what happened when we fought the Nigerian civil war.

“The reason for the current security issues is because the government is not paying attention to security in addition to the fact that the causes of the current security issues are different from those in the past. With the kind of sophistication that is emerging, unless those who understand it are engaged, it will be difficult to resolve all these problems about insecurity.

"Secondly, they are unable to pay attention, especially in releasing money on security and training of security agents and purchase of security gadgets for the agents to use in the protection of life and property.

"In Nigeria, the only thing you see security agent holding is not more than a gun. A gun is not the only thing a security agent should have, there are many other gadgets.”

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