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NIGERIA: Yoruba will commit political suicide with APC – Asari–Dokubo.

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujadid Asari Dokubo, has declared that the emerging merger of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) with Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and a faction of the All Peoples Grand Alliance (APGA) will spell doom for Yoruba people.

According to him, the current promoters of the merger with Northern establishment have failed to learn from history; of how people who formed alliance with Northern political elite ended up.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun, Asari-Dokubo, who disclosed that Ijaw will stake their lives for an Igbo Presidency in 2019 in return for the support the South East has given President Goodluck Jonathan, said the opposition must work to ensure that Jonathan wins the 2015 Presidential election, if it wants the survival of Nigeria.

Asari-Dokubo said Northerners should stop issuing threats about the 2015 election because Ijaw, whose consciousness is very high now, will not be intimidated.

He described former President Olusegun Obsanjo as a great man who implemented some of the thoughts of the Major Gideon Orkar-led coup to liberate Nigeria from the grip of Northern domination.


Opposition Merger

It is political suicide for the South-West to align with the North in the power equation. I was with a Yoruba Oba during the Hajj and he said what was happening is that some people want to change the history of the Yoruba people and that they would not succeed. He is a Muslim Yoruba Oba and he told me that until 1900, Fulani slave raiders were still raiding his village for slaves. He said they were imposing tax and did not preach religion. He said it was Ibadan that was protecting them. The Oba pointed out that Awolowo refused to go into alliance with them (North) and that the Akintola that did it ended up on a sad note. Abiola who was hand in gloves with them was also dealt a great blow. The Oba said anybody that wants to subjugate Yoruba to the Fulani hegemony would not end well. According to him, Yoruba will never forget their experience and encounter with Fulani. So, as far I am concern, it will be one of the greatest mistakes Yoruba would make if the merger succeeds.

Yoruba have been in the forefront to put the North in its proper place. If Yoruba, through its fighters had not stopped Fulani at Oshogbo, they were coming down South to enslave our people. Anybody desperate to form alliance with the North should be checked very well, his Yorubaness is in question. Nobody calling himself progressive would go and align with feudalists. It does not correlate. These are two parallels. Feudalists promoting feudal hegemony and progressives promoting egalitarian society, the two are opposite sides. They have rendered their people poor and send them to the streets as urchins. For all these years that the Gambari have been manipulating political power and seizing the wealth of Nigeria, of what benefit has it been to their people? Yoruba can point to legacies left by Obafemi Awolowo; what legacies can they point to in the North. When names of Awolowo, Azikiwe are being mentioned, they mention Ahmadu Bello. What did he do? Their society is being run in such a way that it promotes primitivism of the crudest form.

President Goodluck Jonathan Presidency has brought a new form of assertiveness. Before they used violence in the name of religion to coerce people into submission, they have threatened but it is not as easy as before. The greatest natural barrier they had was the rain forest; their horses were ineffective, mosquitoes, tsetse fly would kill their houses. They did not come here and they would never come here. Now they are confronting a new set of Ijaw people, who can look them eye-ball to eye-ball and tell them that’s their limit.

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