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NIGERIA: ‘Erosion of Values, Major Cause of Insecurity in Anambra

 Erosion menaceThe worsening insecurity in Anambra State occasioned by the increasing spate\ of kidnappings and armed robbery has been traced to the erosion of Igbo values of hard work and honest living such that recognition is now given to people without means but who suddenly made money and brandish same in return for accolades by traditional institutions and leaders.

This submission was made by Chief Jude Osude, the former Director of  Operations on Security to the Anambra State Government under the Chris Ngige administration.

Osude,  while making a holistic assessment of the security challenges in the state in an interview with THISDAY,  yesterday in Onitsha,  said  the problem has become so worrisome that these days people no longer ask a sudden rich man what he does for a living, or in which office he works or trades but how much he has or can offer, even in the church.

“So the young and upcoming people see it as if you don’t have money, you are not recognised,” he said, adding that it is a wrong perception of life because human achievement is not measured by how much money one has in his pockets alone, a reason , he noted,  has led many young men astray and who in their desperation to meet up and be recognised had taken to crimes  like kidnapping and armed robbery.

Describing the insecurity in the state as real,  Osude noted with sadness that the young  boys in Anambra State today who,  neither went to school nor have a trade to their names have shunned apprenticeship in trades and vocations such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical works and the like and had left the bulk of these jobs to artisans from Togo and Ghana while forgetting that a mastery of these trades can guarantee a comfortable and decent life

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