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I Can Wash My Girlfriends Or Wives Under Wears — Olayinka Lawanson

Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s ambassador, Olayinka Lawanson popularly called Lamboginny made a confession recently that was so alarming.

Though, the Afro Hip Hop and dancehall artiste was factual but many of his fans accused him of being dirty. Lamboginny, has disclosed in an interview that he could wash his girlfriend’s under wears also as a ‘dry cleaner if the need be.

The ‘Gbaladun’ hitmaker, said “I am not one of those African men that can’t wash their girlfriends’ or wives’ under wears (pants and bras). If you can give your lover or wife a head, then why can’t you wash her pants and bras?”
And on giving head to his wife, the singer said, “abeg, majority of us are ‘dry cleaners’ with our mouth already (smiles). There is no place like home, we all came from there and if giving my girlfriend or wife a head will save my family or home from collapsing, I go give her head without hesitation. She’s my better half and I’m not ashamed to do it or say it.”

SOURCE: nigeriafilms

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