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Suspected suicide bomber set ablaze after explosion in Kano

An angry mob Wednesday evening set ablaze a suspected suicide bomber shortly after a blast went off near Kano Central Mosque.

The incident which occurred around 8.25p.m. attracted hundreds of worshipers loitering around the vicinity of the mosque after the Ishai prayers.

Eyewitness told Vanguard that “as soon as the crowd recovered from the deafening sound of the blast, we spotted a man in tricycle and the crowd went after him and when he was captured he was set ablaze.

“As I talk to you now the crowd is watching the raging fire to ensure the suspect does not survive the jungle justice.”

Confirming the blast, the JTF spokesman in Kano, Capt Ikediche Iweha said: “We were alerted of the incident and we have sent in our men to contain the situation “

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