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Bakassi: Rep calls for protection against Cameroonian attacks

 Bakassi A House of Representatives member, Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo, has called on the Federal Government to protect the indigines of Efut Obot Ikot in the ceded Nigerian territory from further attacks by Cameroonians gendarmes.

She said  that Article 3  of the Green Tree Agreement, GTA, makes it obligatory for the rights of the owners of Bakassi Peninsula to be protected.

Toyo, in a statement, yesterday, condemned the alleged absence of budgetary allocations for the people of the peninsula.

She said: “It behoves on the people to now choose their destinies as the situation is extremely hopeless for the Nigerians, who own the place. The Green Tree Agreement, in Article 3, makes it obligatory for the Cameroonians to protect and respect the rights of the Nigerians, who own the peninsula. What has the Attorney General of the Federation been doing since then?

‘’Rather than do so, Cameroon, through the gendarmes, has engaged in deliberate acts of forced eviction and forced occupation of lands belonging to the Efik and Efut people of old Calabar.

‘’With the collapse of the GTA, I wonder where and how Nigeria intends to deal with the issue of the citizenship of the Nigerians of Bakassi  and their rights.”

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