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Nigerians suffer the indignity of the absence of a government – Eze Eluchie

After ‘successfully’ pulling off the scam of impeaching his erstwhile deputy, Jude Agbaso, Rochas Okorocha seems to think it is all over.

Far from it.

The entire impeachment episode has brought to the fore, the fraud inherent in the Rochas administration and the fact that nd’Imo are being taken for a ride down a path of infamy. The situation is made more embarrassing by the unfortunate utterances of Martin Agbaso who seems to be alluding to an ‘agreement’ for rotation which has been ‘breached’ – ndia ha chere na nd’Imo wu ewu? O ga kwaerele haa!

If indeed someone bribed the former Deputy Governor to the tune of over N400 million, for a road project valued at over N1 Billion, several questions agitate the mind:
1. What in heaven’s name is the State Attorney General waiting for before commencing prosecution of both the bribe giver and bribe taker?
2. Why did Mr. Okorocha, against common sense, due process and law, approve 100% payment for a job that had not been commenced?
3. Does the fact of one of Mr. Okorocha’s cronies being a major shareholder in JBROS not give credence that the entire episode was stage-managed and directly traceable to Mr. Okorocha?
4. The ‘speed’ with which the state house of assembly acted exposes the entire sordid episode as infantile and smeared with bad faith.
5. Apart from the particular fraudulent payments given to JBROS (the bribe giving company in this present saga), how many more billions of naira in equally fraudulent payments has Mr. Okorocha approved?
6. In the face of the emerging reality that funds of Imo State government is being fraudulently mismanaged, will Mr. Okorocha continue to peddle the fable that he is not
If indeed we have as Governor, a man who will go through the charade of a cooked-up ‘impeachment process’ to achieve a political aim, nd’Imo are now left pondering which other charade is being orchestrated against the people of the State.

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