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Nigeria: Why Many Church Leaders Are Derailing – Fire Lenke


Addressed as 'high voltage man of God'by his members, Prophet Fire Lenke, the General Overseer of Liberation Embassy, a.k.a Ghoster, revealed that he liberate souls in bondage. Fire Lenke advised ministers of God to desist from exploiting their members through prosperity preaching but rather, preach the undiluted word of God that can change and liberate man and give hope to the hopeless.


My real names are Ndoumi Lenke Guillaume and my spiritual name is Prophet Fire Lenke. I chose that name because there are preachers that bear 'fire this or that', but I chose Fire Lenke and Lenke is my father's name. I had both primary and secondary education in Cameroon, studied bio-chemistry in one of the colleges in Cameroon and obtained a Ph.D in linguistic from University of Calabar and a degree in education.

Are you a Nigerian?

I am not a Nigerian but a Cameroonian. I grew up very stubborn. This prompted my father to bring me to Nigeria where I stayed with my uncle in Kano. I married a Nigerian woman.

Why did you venture into ministry? Is it because of the lucrative side of it?

Not at all, God gave me the mandate to preach and liberate the sick and those in bondage. Before my encounter with Christ, I did not believe in God and I was not attending any church. It was when all my efforts to travel to Germany became futile that I started going to church trying to pray and seek solution to my problems.

From there, I joined a church called Good News Bible Church and I enlisted in the prayer warrior group; if I was asked to pray, I will end my prayer with 'fire' and that is where the name "Fire" got stuck. Later I joined a Catholic Church in Kano where I was brought up spiritually.

One night, around 1994, when I was still in Kano, in my dream, I saw myself before a man who gave me a rod of fire that looked like a fluorescent, but I could not look at the light because the radiation was very powerful. But something forced me to look at the light.

I did not know the meaning of this dream, but I started having knowledge of Christ and his work of salvation because, thereafter, I was no longer comfortable with my environment. I was the one in charge of a hotel owned by my uncle and, after selling alcohol to our customers, I will preach against it, thereby causing commotion in the place. I had to leave my uncle's business and stayed with a friend.

There, in a small group, we will gather and pray. Surprisingly, the following day, those that attended will bring their friends saying the prayer I prayed for them had been answered, but I was confused because I did not know God had deposited some power in me.

When did you start Liberation Embassy Inc.?

It started in 1998, four years after my encounter with Christ. God gave me a revelation of a church without wall where women out-numbered men, although men are now coming up.

What informed the name, 'Liberation Embassy Inc.

Initially, the name was, 'Beautiful Gate Assembly, which only focused on healing and breakthrough, but when the vision got clearer, I had to change it to Liberation Embassy where people can get solution to their various problems.

How far have you gone with your ministerial journey?

It has been very tough and challenging. I was down financially to the point of not getting money to pay for hall where we worshipped. It was quite difficult then. The first money I got was N25,000 that was given to me by a man whose child was pronounced dead, but when I prayed, the lad came back to life. Most times, I and my family will eat beans for a week because there was no alternative.

As a Cameroonian minister in Nigeria, do you have any role model?

My ministry is fashioned after that of Prophet Samson Ayorinde's and he is my role model. I look up to him as a father, he is into prophetic deliverance and healing and the same applies to the gift that God gave me. Another man of God that I look up to is the founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop Oyedepo, it was Bishop Oyedepo that prayed for me before I started my ministry.

Vision of your church

The vision of the church is liberating man from the bondage and shackle of poverty, sickness, ancestral curse amongst others.

Your take on how Nigeria practices Christianity?

It is shocking seeing how some ministers of God turn churches to empires and business ventures, it is no longer the same church that was in the Bible. Many men of God are no longer truthful all because of what they will get from their members. It is an eye sore.

You will see members struggling to contribute towards building a church university and when such school is completed, most members cannot send their children to the church school because they cannot afford the fee. It can be annoying because it is an anomaly.

What is your prophecy for 2013?

My prophecy for the year which God revealed to me is that this year is a year of altar against altar. I am called by God to break down altars that are not of heaven and also to heal the sick.

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