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NIGERIA: Community Policing, Panacea for Terrorism

Police HeadquartersA well coordinated community policing that will enhance cordial relationship between the Police and members of the public has been described as what was needed to stamp out insurgency, terrorism and other social vices in Nigeria.

Also, the danger posed by terrorist and other militant groups in the country for some time now would not have gone this far if community policing had been employed, as its effectiveness wouldn’t have warranted the agitation for state Police.

These were the assertions of Prince Akinloye Ogunmodede, Corps General and Chief Executive Officer of Community Based Cooperation on Quick Response to Crime Prevention Initiative on the occasion of inauguration of the North-East Regional and State officers yesterday in Gombe.

In a paper presented at the occasion, Prince Akinloye observed that the initiative though a good measure, needs thorough security as well as dedication and commitment as it has a lot of challenges which if not properly handled would lead to setback.

He identified challenges like the issue of indigeneship where discrimination makes people posted to work in places other than their places of origin not to want to work with honesty and diligence thus making cooperation from both sides difficult.

Another issue he said was that of protection of informants and contacts that were willing to give Police information on criminals and their activities so that they are not harmed. He advised that proper legislation should be instituted to give informants proper protection.

Prince Akinloye also said proper financing of the programme was very important as it involved a lot of risks and emergency which may demand a lot of money to succeed while awareness campaigns need to be carried out because many members of the public were yet to understand its aims and objectives.

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