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FEMI FANI-KAYODEIf it is true that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has set up a commitee to consider the possibility of granting amnesty to Boko Haram then I will have no choice but to agree with the Voice of Delta newspaper when they wrote just this morning that he has "bowed to terrorism".

He has not only bowed to terror but he has also betrayed the cause and trust of the people of Nigeria. He is uttterly gutless and he obviously lacks the resolve to lead this country decisively. The best thing that he could possibly do for our country now is to bow his head in shame and resign.

There is too much blood in the land and there can be no peace without justce. Worse still the granting of amnesty to those barbarians and murderers will not work and the consistent weakness of our government in the face of such mindless sectarian violence, hatred and aggression can and will only lead only to more bloodshed and more violence.

You do not pardon and reward those that have not asked for it, that have refused to lay down their arms, that are still waging war against the state, that are asking for the establishment of a muslim fundamentalist state in half of your country and that are still killing your people.

Instead you resist them with every fibre of your being, you bring them to justice, you eliminate them and wipe out all memory and trace of their diabolical cause and you endeavour to protect the lives and property of your people. Our government appears to be on the brink of capitulating to those that have killed 4,200 innocent Nigerians in the last 2 years.

May God forgive President Goodluck Jonathan for loosing his nerve, for failing to protect the Nigerian people and for what he has done to our beloved country since he took office as Acting President in 2010.

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