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NIGERIA: Revenue sharing tears freight forwarders apart

The imbroglio rocking the Council for the Regulation of Freight-Forwarders in Nigeria, (CRFFN), has been linked to disagreements over sharing of revenue accruing from recently approved transaction fees at the nation’s ports and borders.

Pastor Babatunde Shittu, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Shiba Services Limited, identified the “percentage of the levy” due CRRFN member associations as the genesis of the problem.

Babatunde said the National President of Association of Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Prince Olayiwola Shittu, alleged that the former CRFFN leadership reneged on deals made with its member associations to give a certain percentage fees collected to them.

“Some ambitious people are behind the crises for personal gain. CRFFN is the only body backed by an act of government.”

Shittu, who welcomed attempts by the Transport Minister, Senator Idris Umar, to resolve   the crises by setting-up a committee to over see the Council, harped on the need for the inclusion of freight-forwarders on committee to be set up.

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