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NIGERIA: Man allegedly rapes late in-law’s widow in Ebonyi

A middle aged man, Mr. Ogbonna Nwibo, of Oburu Ida in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, was weekend alleged to have raped his late in-law’s widow, Mrs. Agnes Nwonu, for allegedly resisting his sexual advances.

The alleged rapist, who is currently on the run, was said to have threatened his victim, a widow, with a cutlass before carrying out the act.

Narrating the incident at the Family Law Centre, a legal unit established by EbonyiState government to look into critical issues surrounding women and families in the state, kinsmen of Agnes’ deceased husband alleged that “unknown to us, one of our in-laws, Ogbonna Nwibo, was making advances to Agnes but she refused to give in.

“One night, Nwibo came to her with a cutlass and threatened to kill her if she did not allow him to sleep with her. He later raped her.”

They begged the centre’s management  to effect the arrest of the fleeing rapist, as justice delayed was justice denied.

Responding, Chairman of the centre, Mrs. Elizabeth Nwali after listening to their plea, advised them not to take laws into their hands but rather alert security agencies nearest to them or the Family Law Centre in Abakaliki whenever the alleged rapist was within reach.

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