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NIGERIA: Man Pours Hot Water On 13-Year-Old Housemaid in Calabar

13-year-old girl, Precious EduA 13-year-old girl, Precious Edu, has accused the brother-in law of her employer of pouring hot water on her.

Edu, who said she was denied the opportunity of attending school after she was brought to work with Esther Amunde and her brother-in-law, Papa, in Calabar, Cross River State, said Papa poured the wateron her after accusing her of splashing water on him.

She said after the hot water left some burns on her neck, shoulder and chest, she was left to wallow in pains for two days until neighbours took her to the hospital for medical attention.

Narrating her ordeal to PUNCH Metro on Saturday on her sick bed, Edu, who is currently being treated at the Calabar General Hospital, said she was brought to Ekorinim area of the state from Obudu in the northern part of the state to work as housemaid on the agreement that she would continue her secondary education.

But the situation changed as she was allegedly denied schooling by Amunde, who insisted that Edu must not be distracted from taking care of her little son.

Edu said, “Sometime in 2012, one woman, Amaman appealed to my mother to release me as a housemaid to her sister, Esther Amunde, residing in Calabar because she needed somebody to stay with her.

“When my mother accepted, it was with the understanding that I would continue my schooling. I initially stayed with Amunde’s mother in Obudu for three months before Amunde came during Obudu new yam festival in August 2012 to take me to Calabar.”

Edu said on getting to Calabar, she worked full time as housemaid until September when she expected that she would resume school with other children.

She said she reminded Amunde to register her in a school in Ekorinim, but she turned down the request, saying her work was to take care of her son.”

Edu said, “Amunde refused to register me in school insisting that my duty in her house was to take care of her (Amunde) son.

“I was attending Girls Secondary School in my village and I was in JS-1. Even when I was with her mother (Amunde) briefly before coming to Calabar, she allowed me to go to school. But my boss said because of her son, I cannot attend school.”

Edu alleged that in the course of carrying out her duties, she was maltreated and abused by Papa.

She alleged that it was Papa that poured the hot water on her after a slight misunderstanding.

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