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Bloody Islamic Revolution Is Coming To Northern Nigeria – Christian Elders.

Northern leadersThe Northern States Elders Christian Forum (NOSCEF), led by Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye, has forecast a bloody Islamic revolution in Northern Nigeria.

It advised, however, that it is not late to contain it if the
North would focus on the greatest need of its people and swiftly attend to it.

In a statement in Abuja today, the forum declared that The [Northern Muslim] Elders can see the revolution coming and are talking about it, but that for a long time, they were content to turn the attention of the youth against Christians, using religion.

It suggested that the key issue is economic, not religious, pointing out that the Northern states have so far produced nine Heads of State, only one of whom, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, was a Christian.

"What did these 8 Head of States except Sir Ahmadu Bello (Tafawa Balewa regime) do for the people? How come the people are poor when their own people have been in power most of the time?
“Most of the Governors in the North are Muslims. How come their people are so poor? How come they are the ones selling water in jerry cans? How come they are the ones doing shoe shining? How come they are the ones breaking fire woods into pieces?

How come they are the ones doing Mai-Guard (security men), night guard work? These Northern leaders have cheated the Northern masses too much.”

It also pointed out that most of the Federal Ministers from the North are Muslims. “What did their people benefit from it? Almost nothing. The Northern States have far more Local Governments. None earns less than N100 million a month from the Federal Government. What did they do with
it? The Federal Government pumped billion of Naira into nomadic education.

Where is the result?” Continued the statement, “Most of those who are Ambassadors from the North are Muslims. The Governor of Central Bank is a Muslim from the North. The Minister of Education is a Muslim from the North. The Inspector General of Police is a Muslim from the North. The National Security Adviser is a Muslim from the North. The Chief Justice of the Federation is a Muslim from the North.”
It further pointed out that there are more Northern Muslims Senators; more Muslim Northern House of Representative Members; and more Northern Muslim Commissioners of Police.

“Most of those who own Petrol Stations in the North are Muslims. Most of those who have been Executive Directors from the North are Muslims. Most of the Vice Chancellors of Universities and Rectors of Polytechnics in the North are Muslims. Most of the owners of trailers in the North are
Muslims. All who have ever been Vice Presidents of Nigeria from the North are all Muslims.”

With all of this in mind, the statement asked, “What have the Christians done in the North to cause poverty in the North that warrants total annihilation?” adding, “They are attacking the wrong people.”

NOSCEF stated that it is still not too late to contain the revolution if the right attitude was adopted by the North and the right action, taken.

“Find the greatest need of your people,” it advised. “Vocational jobs, training and mass scholarships.

Agricultural loans made available to the poor. Build dams and boreholes everywhere. Provide medical clinics that are functioning. Find projects that can touch their lives. Do launching and fund raising.

Let all of the Big Men mentioned earlier come and give away half i.e. 50% of their wealth to help their people. They cannot finish spending the remaining 50% until they die peacefully. If they refuse to do this, the revolution will come and consume them.

It will take away all their wealth. Time is running out. No need to play to the gallery. No need to do escapism. The Boko Haram has almost finished dealing with Christians yet their problems are not solved.

They will descend on their Elders and consume them. Why turn Muslim areas of the North into Ghost towns? Why destroy the whole place? Why present our youth for slaughter? What percentage of children of the rich is in terrorism?”

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