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Below are few clips from the documentary, all in addressing the essential argument, the false identity of Africans, BLACKNESS.

“The classification of people into different colours is an invention… When I was in Africa, I did not have the conception of people on the basis of colours. We thought we were humans; that we are all humans…,” GRACE FOLLY, Dr. in International Politics & Diplomacy, University of Padova, Italy.

“We should have long refused to be catalogued as Blacks. If they see an Arabic person, they call him an Arab; if he is an Indian, they call him an Indian. It is only an African that somebody deliberately calls the coloured person. Name and surname is what should be used to call a person…,” JEAN-PAUL POUGALA, Professor of Sociology & Geopolitics, School of Diplomacy – Geneva, Switzerland.

“Somewhere in the mind of the westerners, terms like Negros or people of colour denote something negative. When people say Negro or black, it tends to mean a person who has just left savagery. …Africa was not in darkness; Africa was covered up with darkness…,” FRANCO MORETI, Director of Nigrizia, A Missionary Magazine – Verona Italy.

“We have to begin to modify these terminologies because to some people, they have a very strong impact. …In Africa, there were well-organised and orderly societies, but with black, all these were covered up. … Through some terminologies, the identity and what has been the history of a people was denied…,” CÉCILE KYENGE KASHETU, Medical doctor and politician, Emilia Romania, Italy.


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