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Muhammadu Buhar will never be president of Nigeria again

Muhammadu BuhariIn January when the Emir of Kano was attacked, the man whose image you are seeing was the first to condemn the attack. “This is indeed one attack too many! Let it be stated that insecurity of lives and property in any clime is a measure of its level of development…" He said.

When muslims were killed in Kaduna, his voice was loud in condemnation. Even during the last elections, that man cried publicly for "Nigeria". It was my first time, in life, of seeing a tearful Military General in public. I have long realized that his tears were not for Nigeria but rather because of Tinubu's betrayal. He saw electoral defeat and cried.

But that same man NEVER visited the south east to commiserate with the people over the post election massacre of Ndigbo in his Katsina state and other northern states. Even now I am not aware of him ever visiting Igboland since 2011 elections. No tears for "dogs and baboons". I guess he will come prior to 2015 elections and make whistling stops then go home and count his votes before we even vote. We dey wait.

That man you are seeing is now pretending to be deaf and dumb since the Kano bombing happened on Monday. May be he is yet to hear about it from BBC Hausa service. Or non of the newspapers supplied to him in Katsina carried the story. I will excuse his reading it online since the man had long confessed to not being "LOL" compliant. His supporters are already asking why he should condemn it and if he is the President. It is now they know he is not the President. But when it is Emir that is attacked and he harasses the President, they won't know he is not the President. May be when he comments on national issues, he must be doing so as President of a Republic yet to be declared. If "he is not the President" and hence should not be expected to to condemn the dastardly bombing at Sabon Gari, can we also beg him to stop commenting on all other national issues. He is not the President. And if the President acts his goons should stop manufacture video tapes of extrajudicial killing by the military. President act, wahala, president no act wahala. Wetin una want self??

Well, personally I don't really care about him condemning Boko Haram and the targeted attacks on Ndigbo. My mind was long made up that it was safer to have Abu Qaqa as President than the "tall one". I have only typed this as a matter of record so that if we vote in 2015 everybody will understand why. When we chase and sweep out APC and Codeine let the world know that it is because we see "abomination that causes desolation" in their midst.

We will bury our dead. But this man?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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