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Resurrection of the Oligarchy That Destroyed Nigeria.

Nigeria LeadersSo much heated arguments / debates have been on, on different Igbo circles concerning what the APC coalition portend for the Ndi-Igbo but it is so easy to see. With the developments already, as regards the APC Zoning/Presidential and Vice-Presidential tickets for 2015 elections, Ndi-Igbo might just be used as 'ordinary tools' to achieve their aims if we allow Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts to bamboozle us with claims against the PDP. Ndi-Igbo would have opted for APGA as an ONLY option; But sadly, The APGA structure does not give Ndi-Igbo something to cheer about for 2015 because APGA don't stand a chance. The PDP are not saints either but President Goodluck Jonathan is still a better option for Ndi-Igbo in 2015.

If allowed into Aso Rock, APC WILL RESURRECT THE HAUSA / Yoruba OLIGARCHY. Ndi-Igbo may remain in political doldrums beyond 2027. The body language of the Northern politicians have shown their desperation to bring power back to the North and this time, keep it for as long as Nigeria remains a single entity.

To buttress the point why Ndi-Igbo should choose wisely, check out how Presidential powers have moved in Nigeria's 52 years of existence.-

1. North-Central ~ 18 Years

2. North-West ~ 13 Years

3. North-East ~ 5 years & 4 months

4. South West ~ 11 years & 11 months

5. South South ~ 2 years & 10 months

6. South East ~ 6 months

In total, The North have ruled for 36 years and those years are better imagined than experienced again!

It is simple… If we don't want this to continue, let every right thinking Igbo and Southerner get on the 'train' and spread this message. The North DON'T own Nigeria! Presidency is not their 'birthright' and their insatiable desire for power and their overbearing attitude should be killed off because their 36-year rule doesn't give any reason whatsover for power to get back to the North. It rather left a sour taste in the mouths of Nigerians.

Say "NO!" To The Resurrection of the Oligarchy!
Say "NO!" to Muhammadu Buhari's APC!

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