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NIGERIA: Terrible condition of Ago Place Way

One of the bad portions of Ago roadTHE terrible condition of Ago Place Way in the Isolo Local Council Development Area of Lagos State has remained unresolved.

The dilapidated situation of the road has caused loss of lives. Three years ago , the government tried to  fix it but they did a bad job .In  no time, it became a nightmare to ply . It was worse than the original  state.

Ago Palce Way is a long stretch of road that serves many communities.  It is an area inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people .
Residential estates, shopping malls and offices  along the road are uncountable.  Yet, such road is  persistently  denied the necessary attention it deserves over the years.

Terrible condition
When Vanguard visited the area yesterday, the condition of the road was simply terrible.  There were water logs everywhere and one could see the agony on the faces of the road users .

Lorries fall easily on the road and four wheelers get trapped in the gullies.

From Amanata/Ibi-Iwoye Street side through Kasine Gym, Baba Ewe, Century to the last bus stop, the situation was horrible.

At the AP Filling Station, along the road, the sand- filling there seemed to worsen the situation. The palliative was said to have been carried out by an individual, who lives off the road, to prevent water from overflowing into his compound.

According to a source, the man had insisted that he would not allow the sandfill to be removed until the road was fixed.

Generally, the bad condition of Ago Place Way has inflicted untold hardship on commuters as transporters have hiked their fares by 100 percent from N70 to N100 and when it rains they collect N150 or more at will. Many motorists avoid the road for the damage it does to their vehicles .

A resident said: “Four years ago, because of bad condition of the road, a container fell on a couple and because of that sad incident, government tried to fix the road using interlocking tiles. But they were washed away by rains. They did a poor job .The residents including transporters in the area have called on the State government to come quickly to their aid as life has become unbearable for them.

Residents are passionately appealing to the Fahola government to quickly intervene  and rescue them from the agony that is Ago Road .

They believe that no government would see such a terrible road and ignore it, concluding that the contractor was the problem .

Whatever is the case , Ago residents want their governor or his representative to pay a visit to the road on the ground that no government would see this and not do something about it .

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