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The sissification of Nigerian men

An item in last Sunday’s ‘Artsville’ column in The Guardian stated that a white man mopped the floor with a Nigerian at a Lagos bar. This was before
the great flood that almost swallowed up the city two weeks ago, but any suggestion that the Nigerian’s tears formed the headwaters of the flood is unkind.

The Nigerian needed hospital treatment. He was battered in his own country by a white foreigner, probably a Brit. The bar is owned by another Brit and most of the patrons are white oil workers. The Nigerian, an engineer, works for a British owned oil company, according to ‘Artsville’.

It was, it seems, single combat at the Lagos bar but without the use of weapons. The foreigner had no help, unlike when white men twice invaded the ring to stop the certain defeat of Tom Cribb, the white heavyweight boxing champion, by Thomas Molineaux, a freed black slave from the United States. The two men fought in England in 1810. Cribb’s supporters caused the black man bodily harm but he courageously carried on for several more rounds until resistance became pointless. It was Cribb, who had been floored and whose eyes had the glassy opaqueness of a medieval church window, that was declared the winner.

The Nigerian engineer was given an awful hiding. He had no pride and did not try to defend his country’s honour. Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese soldier who was discovered hiding on Guam in 1972, said he was embarrassed to return to Japan alive. He was ashamed that Japan had lost the war and spent 28 years in hiding. He did not want to be seen in a country he believed he had let down, and capture by the Americans, he said, would have devalued the divinity of his emperor.

Many Nigerian men have become sissies, men with spongy spines. They are the new eunuchs. Men are now the first to escape when their homes come under attack. Women and children are now generally braver than men. One man snivellingly told a divorce court that his wife had subjected him to physical tyranny for many years. He said he was his wife’s overwhelmed punchbag.

Samuel Peter perhaps symbolises the sissification of many Nigerian men. He crowned an impressive string of wins with the World Boxing Council heavyweight belt in March 2008, but lost the title in his first defence. He was badly beaten by Vitali Klitschko who had come out of retirement. Peter quit on his stool after the 8th round.

Peter scored four early knockouts after he lost his title, but was himself stopped by Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali’s younger brother, in 10 rounds. Peter absorbed tremendous punishment, as he had done in his title defence against Vitali. He had Wladimir on the floor thrice in their first fight in 2005, which he lost on points. He was unable to beat the count in his last fight in February, the end coming in the 9th round.

The man nicknamed ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ now scares only himself. But Peter was once world champion and did not quit without trying very hard, unlike the so-called Super Eagles and the Nigerian nation, a quilt of disparateness and foolish dissonance, the making of the greedy British. The Eagles have no fighting spirit and surrender to their bitter opponents over and over again.

The white man who beat up the Nigerian engineer at a bar knew he could get away with murder in Nigeria. An Italian viciously hit a Nigerian employee, a married woman, and he was not even questioned. In May, Niger Dock workers said they were called ‘black monkeys’ in their own country by their white bosses and the Nigerian authorities said nothing.

Nigeria is a bumbling country and foreigners, whose technological expertise it needs, hold it and its people in contempt. The foreigners are right to sneer at a country of urban chaos and lawlessness—supposedly educated people talk on their mobile phones while driving—a country of almost primeval backwardness, but where many people ostentatiously and shamelessly use the products of Western and Asian technology. They drive expensive vehicles on their primitive roads and imported fuels are the country’s lifeblood. The oil industry will collapse without foreign engineers and equipment.

President Goodluck Jonathan is in no danger of experiencing sissification. His government appears to have been neutered by certain perpetual politicians without principles. Their ‘boys’ are ministers in President Jonathan’s cabinet. They may prevent the president from throwing a punch at poverty. Nigerians are yet to see a display of balls and expatriates like the wallop-packing white man at the bar will continue to enjoy a daily banquet.

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Re: The police and the prostitute
May God save us from this nation’s police. They will not do a thorough investigation on any issue before jumping to conclusion. It is high time something was done about police excesses. With her parade, her future has already been determined and imagine how her parents will feel.
Police need to be tutored on how cases like the one you wrote about should be handled. There is no law that permits the parade of suspects. The police are only doing that to try to show that they are doing their job but they are destroying lives that should be reformed. The mother of that girl has been on hunger strike since that day while the father has become as thin as a broomstick because of the shame that followed the parade of their daughter. People should please stand up against this kind of uncivilised behaviour of the Nigeria Police before they send innocent people to their early graves.
Jimoh Adeojo, Labaowo market, Ibadan
I have always maintained my stand that we do not have policemen in this country. A suspect is not guilty until a competent court says so. Why then the haste to parade suspects before journalists? All what they are trying to do is to impress the rest of us Nigerians to have a pass mark as their illegality continues.
Revd. J. Ola. Olaleye, Ile Ife
About two years ago in Oakland, California, two police officers stopped a driver for a minor traffic violation. Without warning and before the officers could draw their weapons, the driver, a parolee with a long rap sheet, shot both officers to death. The suspect then fled on foot from the scene, sparking a massive manhunt for him. Backed by a detachment of the California Highway Patrol officers, the Oakland Police Department, after cordoning off a wide area of East Oakland,  tracked down the suspect who was hiding out in an apartment building with an arsenal of weapons. It later turned out that the gunman was determined not to be taken alive because he was also a suspect for a sexual assault on a minor. The cops who were trying to arrest the gunman did not know of his past violent history at the time of the incident. After a gun battle that raged for sometime, the suspect killed two more officers before he too was killed by police sharp shooters. The upshot of the story was that the gunman was being protected by his sister. The sister, who was even belligerent as police officers questioned her, was briefly detained and released. Imagine what cops in Nigeria would have done to the sister and every man, woman and child in that building in a similar situation. Your latest column was another black eye for a critical federal agency mightily struggling for relevance and respectability.
Bayo Akinnagbe, San Francisco, Bay Area, USA

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