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NIGERIA: Lagos Police Spokesperson, Ngozi Briade, In Public Fight With Superior Officer

Ngozi Braide

Despite receiving a Junior Chambers International award for her "monumental leadership" the spokesperson of the Lagos police, Ngozi Braide, has been issued a query for fighting and attempting to stab a senior police officer, SaharaReporters has learned.

It was gathered from a reliable source at police headquarters in Ikeja that Miss Braide is undergoing interrogation for allegedly fighting with a Chief Superintendent of Police identified as Cynthia Ibeama.

"It is obvious that JCI who presented the award to Miss Braide last week did not know that she has a query to answer,” a police source said.
The fight allegedly took place at the Lagos State Police Command on January 18 during the surprise visit of President Jonathan to the Police College, when there was disagreement between both officers who wanted to park in the same parking spot at the same time.

Police sources said a quarrel broke out and snowballed into a fierce fight. Policemen intervened and stopped the fight but Ms. Braide then went to her car and emerged with a knife with which she threatened to kill Ms. Ibeama

A police source who witnessed the incident said, "It was a big shame for a PPRO to fight.  In this case she shows that she has no respect and she is not disciplined because she is a Deputy Superintendent of Police and the officer she fought with is her senior, a Chief Superintendent of Police.  Ms Braide may be the PPRO but there is discipline and seniority in the Force and she should have respected the CSP; they fought to the extent that they tore their uniforms.  Her breast was exposed and the policemen who had gathered had to cover her up. It was a show of shame and she even went to get a knife from her car to stab the CSP".

Police sources said Mr. Manko, the Lagos State commissioner of police is not happy over the incident but his hands are tied as the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, appointed Miss Braide to her position and may be let off the hook over the fighting incident because of her alleged closeness to him.
The source pointed out that the fight with a senior officer is not the first time Braide has been involved in a controversy.

“Her boyfriend was arrested for fraud last year and the victims alleged that she used her office to aid her fraudulent boyfriend.  That case is still under investigation and she is allowed to parade herself as the image maker.  She feels she is untouchable because of her closeness to the IGP and we don't see anything coming out of her public fight," the police source said.

Ms. Braide has denied the fight story.  This week, however, as reported by SaharaReporters yesterday, she was also involved in a scuffle in her office with a female PM News reporter.

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