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NIGERIA: Bad weather aborts Arik flight

Arik flightArik flight from Lagos to Benin city, Edo State, was yesterday, aborted as bad weather in the ancient city prevented the plane from landing. The pilot  returned to Lagos and waited until the weather improved before returning to Benin.

According to the airline’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, Mr. Adebanji Ola, the pilot had to return to Lagos when he discovered that visibility in Benin was poor. But the passengers had since been flown back to Benin when visibility improved. There is no problem with the plane as the same plane has done several flights afterwards.

He said: ‘’There is no story in that. If the weather is bad and the plane left, came back and landed safely, what is there, it is normal, there is no story in that. Air return is normal. In fact that same plane has done several flights afterward so there is no story in Air Return.‘’

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