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NIGERIA: We will not accept AIB final report – Bellview Airline

Crash VictimsBellview has said they will not accept the final report of the cause of the crash of their plane in Lisa village in Ogun State in 2005. The default airline is contending that the final report released by Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, in their website last Saturday was doctored.. The airline said what AIB said was the cause of the crash was speculative.

According to Bellview ‘’AIB stated in its report that the true cause of the sad accident is still UNKNOWN and still went ahead to make speculative allusions. Accident report should be factual and not speculative about the cause of the accident. ‘’ The airline therefore believe that ‘’This doctored report is geared to make Bellview the scapegoat with the ulterior motive of abandoning further investigation to find the true cause of the accident. ‘’

Bellview believes AIB allowed internal politics within it to distort and biased their interpretation of the material facts of the accident. AIB according to the airline, circulated a draft final report in 2009 and this report has been changed in the final report released on Saturday without the knowledge of the airline as they were supposed to be invited by AIB to make impute to the final report.

‘’AIB circulated a draft final report reference 2/2009 (BLV 2005/10/22) to the relevant authorities including the state of design and ourselves in 2009. This report has now been doctored four years thereafter without inviting us to comment on the fundamental alteration to the original report in accordance with ICAO Annex 13.’’

On the claim that the pilot of the ill-fated plane was inexperience, Bellview said ‘’ The Captain of the flight had 1053.54hours experience on type in addition with over Ten Thousand Hours and not the 153.45hours as erroneously stated on page 8 of AIB report. The Captain was trained in the United States under US FAA approved Training Programme and Facility.

The Captain had a valid First Class Medical with no restriction despite the allusion made by AIB. The First Officer had sufficient experience in line with regulatory requirement. We are surprised that AIB distorted these facts by intentionally understating the crew total hours on type to reach a false conclusion about the crew experience. Allusion to training records is pure speculative.’’

The airline further said ‘’ The crew were not over worked as abundance of evidence showed that the crew average duty time over the last six months is less than 90hours a month and on the day of the accident both crew have been on duty for less than four hours.

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