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NIGERIA: Yoruba Will Not Benefit From APC – Fasehun, OPC Leader.

Dr. Fredrick FasehunDr. Fredrick Fasehun, the founder of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), in an interview, re-examines past alliances of the Yoruba and now the involvement of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the merger arrangement. He claimed that it is a political miscalculation and resolved that Yoruba will not benefit from the emerging All Progressives Congress (APC).

Yoruba people will not benefit a thing from that alignment. I am not a politician, but I had great hope for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).
The South West is bigger than Ghana; it is bigger than Sierra Leone. In fact, it is bigger than any country in West Africa. Why must ACN look elsewhere to govern the South West? When I read about that merger, I felt awful.

ACN almost captured the whole of the South West in the last election and their governors were already talking of economic integration. But now they have brought in another idea to dilute that economic integration plan.

They are jumping from frying pan to fire. If ACN had waited a few years more, we would have been beating our chest for our new dream. No matter how you do it, you are not going to cut South West and plant it in the sea. But we are different; we have been progressives. Why must you dilute progress elements? I don’t want to think that I am as good as anybody in ACN, but I don’t believe in that merger. I don’t think it will do any Yoruba person any good.

My dear friend, we have always had merger in this country, none of them had worked. We had it in the First Republic, Second Republic and Fourth Republic.
If we don’t have history of merger success, why do you think this one will work? I pray the new merger will prove me wrong. The most politically erudite Yoruba man on earth was Papa Obafemi Awolowo. Did he not attempt merger? I pray this one succeeds.

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