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suspect-men-eatersYesterday, Two Men were saved from the cruelty of an angry mob when men from the Nigerian police force took them away to safety. The two men, Alaba and Samuel stripped naked for allegedly eating human flesh.

Earlier, a member of the public spotted three men in tattered dresses. He noticed one of them was making a call and one eating a meat suspected to be human flesh. This caused him to raise an alarm that attracted a mob. While the man making the phone calls escaped, the mob instantly pounced on the two suspected human part eaters. A search of their hideout revealed that the suspects had in their possession a cutlass, knives, charms and meat with fat which the mob suspected to be human flesh.

When the police arrived and the men were arrested, one of the suspects told them that the hideout was their residence as they could not afford to rent an apartment for themselves. He further explained that the meat the mob discovered in their hideout was cow fat which they used as a meal.

The Police said that the case was an issue of mistaken identity and that members of the public who apprehended the men jumped to conclusion without carrying out proper investigation. They also believe that if it was not because of their timely intervention the men would have been set ablaze. They advised the public to carryout proper investigation before taking action next time.

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