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NIGERIA: APGA is dead – Sen Okonkwo

Senator Annie OkonkwoSenator Annie Okonkwo who represented the All Progressive Grand Alliane at last Wednesday’s conference where the new opposition party was revealed has pronounced APGA as dead.

Reacting to comments by some national executive members of APGA disassociating the party from the merger, Okonkwo said that they have the option to join the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, or any other party of their choice as the decision to join the mega party had become a concluded one.

He cited as his proof the fact that Governor Okorocha who he described as a leader of the party had endorsed the involvement of the party with three other parties last Monday.

“When the governor of the party has come up to say openly that he is part of the merger, who has the party? Do you know that the truth of the matter is that a lot of PDP people are going to be involved here?

“It is a mega party being formed, it is a merger, don’t be surprised that you will see some ACN people trying to say that they don’t want to be involved and they want to join another party or the PDP. This is the way the leadership of the party moves.

‘’If some people are saying that they will join the PDP what will you do? Will you go and force them? With this merger, all the parties involved have ceased to be. Is APGA bigger than ACN, or is it bigger than CPC or ANPP,”  he rhetorically asked.

He said that the APC will give the country purposeful leadership where people will be proud to say that they are Nigerians.

Senator Okonkwo also said that it was certain that the PDP will give President Goodluck Jonathan the ticket to contest the 2015 presidential election and that it is only in the APC that the people from the South East will realize their ambition of producing a president of Igbo extraction.

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