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The Goodluck Jonathan Nigerians do not know

President Goodluck JonathanIS Goodluck Jonathan responsible for 50 years of decay? Under the Jonathan administration, Nigeria is on the pathway of recovery of wasted years.

It will interest you to know that for the first time in the governance of the country, serving ministers are made to account for their services to the nation through key performance agreement indicators.

This is to spur them into achieving greater service delivery to the Nigeria people. It also means that it is no longer business as usual in governance.

It will interest you to know we have never had a very sincere and pragmatic approach to solving the problem of power as we are witnessing now. Previous governments wasted billions of dollar with nothing to show for it. There is a greater improvement to power supply all over the nation. Privatization of the power sector has reached an advanced stage. And very soon, we shall begin to enjoy 24/7 steady power supply that will ultimately boost economic growth.

President Jonathan and his policy frame work for a progressive and a transformed Nigeria of our dream is rooted in total sincerity, personal integrity and with a very strong desire to leave the stage better than he met it.

Methink, Mr. President will not disappoint the confidence reposed in him by the generality of Nigerians that voted him into power. There is a bright light ahead, despite the present gloom  and darkness.

For the first time, in our electoral history, the world at large is beginning to have full confidence in our electoral system because of his transformation of the system with “one man one vote” ideology. I think we should give Mr.  President kudos and not baseless criticisms.  Don’t forget that he inherited the “do or die” electoral system from past governments.

We’ve never had a listening president like Goodluck Jonathan.  Several topical issues and policies that did not go down well with the populace were reversed in a jiffy.   That’s global best practices leadership quality.

President Jonathan is not corrupt. But he inherited corruption that has been with us for about 50 years.  If you may know, corruption is endemic in Nigeria.  He may not have gotten everything right!  But he has gotten some things right.

For the first time, the son of a serving chairman of the ruling political party is facing trial on a corruption-related case.  But previous governments would have treated it as a family issue and swept it under the carpet for political reasons. “Only a mad man will go to bed when his house is on fire”.  On the security challenge, he is not sleeping; he is making great progress to restore peace.

Some level of objectivity in criticizing Mr. President and his policies will go a long way in his pursuit of the transformation agenda.  Most times, criticisms of Mr. President are tribal, political and lack the flavour of objectivity.  The Jonathan administration is sincere in addressing issues concerning the nation.  All the sectors of economy are going through transparent and pragmatic reforms.

In summation, the Goodluck Jonathan Nigerians do not know is not a sectional leader. He’s not marking time in the Presidency. He’s sincere and honest about the transformation of Nigeria. He’s a wise and meticulous leader.  He’s not an agent of destabilization and disintegration.

He’s not an arrogant leader.  He’s not a dictator who care less about the people.  He needs our cooperation and our prayers and not vilification of higher proportion.  He has weakness as a man, but his strength is more than his weakness. He has a vivid picture of his transformational agenda.  He’s a God-fearing leader from a very humble background.

In a nutshell, this is the only nation we can call our own.  Let us join hands with Mr. President to make it great.  “One tree cannot make a forest”.  Mr. President alone cannot achieve the Nigeria of our dream.

Everyone has a role to play in making Nigeria great. “If all of us can be the change we want, the country will be a heaven of a sort.  Governance is easier criticized than led” – Lord Alfred Marcus.

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