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Tackling Traffic Congestion along Edinburgh and P&T Quarters in Enugu

30122012C-Enugu---New-Market--NCFC-RoundaboutIn the history of mankind, Development do herald positive and negative challenges which often times may be temporary or otherwise. But in this case, it is the challenge or rather traffic congestion that has become a daily occurrence along Edinburgh Bus Stop and P&T Quarters axis in Enugu State that starring most road users in the face. While some observers attribute the congestion as a result of the on-going dual carriageway bridge project at the tail end of the above mentioned places, others are of contrary view given the more than two lines some inpatient road users especially motorists form while coming from Edinburgh Bus Stop en route to Holy Ghost and vice versa.

It is a well-known fact that some motorists in their haste and impatient to get to their destination do contribute a great deal to the traffic gridlock that is now an everyday experience along the axis. Another is the long vehicle used in bringing building materials at the site of the construction as other road users must wait until the vehicle enters the construction park where its content will be offloaded, though at very slow rate thereby making road users to grow impatient.

It therefore behooves the state government led by the indefatigable Chief Executive, Sullivan Chime to draft policemen, road safety officers or civil defense officers to Edinburgh Bus Stop and P&T Quarters to control traffic and instil discipline in motorists who create or form more than one line which constitute part of the difficulty being experienced by road users. The state government should ensure that those mandated to carry out this responsibility get to their duty posts as early as 7am to 11am and from 5pm to 8pm because these are the time frame traffic congestion is at its peak along the axis.

It is when this is done that the teething traffic jam being experienced on daily bases will be curtailed or even nipped in the bud. God Bless Enugu State

Nwaorgu Faustinus wrote in via Email:

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