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Prayer, Intercession for Nigeria

In view of the heated and fierce contest over the presidential elections in 2015, Covenant Keepers Network (CKN) – an offshoot of Congress On Christian Ethics (COCEN) has been divinely directed to raise an altar of prayer for Nigeria and mobilise Christians to pray earnestly for the Lord's intervention in the forthcoming election, stating, “We strongly believe that God has the solution to our situation and can birth it.”

According to the organisers of the programme, the order of prayer would be “A 24 hour prayer chain is encouraged to enable us seek the face of the Lord in prayer for our land. Your enlistment on CKN mailing list affirm to us your interest in the affairs of this nation, hence the reason for involving you in this divinely inspired exercise.

“Your agreement with us in the place of prayer counts. If the exercise is endorsed by you and you are willing to participate in it, you shall be required to pick one hour between 01.00 am to 12.00 midnight (24 Hour cycle) during which you shall be expected to pray each day for Nigeria from February 1-13, 2015. Alternatively, you may choose one day between February 1-13, 2015, during which you will substantially devote the whole day to praying for Nigeria.

“Your Choice of one hour to pray each day or one day to pray although should be communicated by mail to or send SMS to 0814-666-0666. You are encouraged to share this information with those you know to give great importance to prayer and intercession as well as prayer networks and cells,” the group said

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